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History of Tbilisi

The city of Tbilisi was founded as a capital in the second half of the 5th century. The founder of the city is considered to be King Vakhtang I Gorgasali, who rebuilt and built the capital on the territory of present-day Old Tbilisi, which at that time was only a small settlement. There is a legend saying that city was found during hunting, when sparrow and pheasant fell into the hot spring, which gave idea to the King for the foundation of the city; however, it should be noted that the history of the city dates back to few hundred years BC. It dates back to the fourth century, when it was only a small settlement.

The name of the city is derived from the old Georgian word "tfili", which means warm and describes numerous sulfur hot springs in the area.

The capital is located on both banks of the Mtkvari River in eastern Georgia. With its dramatic valley setting, picturesque Old Town, eclectic architecture and superb eating and drinking opportunities, Tbilisi is the vibrant, beating heart of Georgia and home to more than one in three of its citizens. Add to that the pull of the city's hipster culture, its techno scene and general air of cool, and Tbilisi is confidently sealing its reputation as the South Caucasus' most cosmopolitan city.

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Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace

20 Telavi St

Tbilisi 0103


Sep 25-29, 2022

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